7 thoughts on “Jones Library vote 65.4% Yes; Walker, Hanneke, Steinberg win; Pam, Taub, Lopes, Rooney also elected; Page, Rhodes to join School Committee (unofficial results)”

  1. Yesterday’s vote portends good things for our town. We voted overwhelmingly for better public services. We are going to build a better library starting now. As a community, we also voted across the board for a smart blend of seasoned veterans and new voices. We retained wise leaders like Mandi Jo, Andy, Austin, Alex, Irv, Peter and Allison and we embraced energetic newcomers Ellisha and Farah (full disclosure: Farah is my wife, so be forewarned… lol).

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  2. Thanks for posting the results, this is where I learned first of them. As far as I can tell, there has not been something like this before — a place you can get results ASAP — other than maybe watching Amherst Media, but a site I can go to and refresh rather than have to watch a TV channel all the time is better,

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