6 thoughts on “Power and loathing in Amherst”

  1. I actually agree with the statement: “…is, at heart, the playing out of the shift in power over the levers of local government,” However so much of what Mr. Rakoff writes to support that premise is deeply flawed and insulting to me and the many people who have invested a great deal of time and energy staying informed and wanting a say in how our town is run. The attacks on Town Council he speaks of are equal to the long running attacks on Town Meeting, continuing on in that post.

    Yes, I am dismayed at the lack of power I now have in the running of our town. Not because I love blocking things for sake of blocking things, or because I want to obstruct the council for the sake of power, or because I miss the behind the scenes manipulations, or because I resisted change. I worked hard on issues, as did many others, because they saw and see things differently and saw and see a different vision of what is best for Amherst.


    1. Hi, Gerry. I completely agree with the last half-sentence of your comment: we are seeing a struggle between different visions of the future. And since it is our elected local officials who make the critical decisions, they are on the receiving end of either praise or strong criticism.


  2. I feel this post, Power and Loathing in Amherst, goes too far in painting all of those who favored the moratorium as power-hungry obstructionists. I was strongly opposed to the moratorium, but I understand many of the concerns about the direction of development that were expressed. It is not just black and white. People should be able to express their opinion without such animosity, on both sides. As for the main point of this piece, I completely agree; thank goodness we have moved on from Town Meeting. I only hope that pro-moratorium advocates can accept that most of us are pleased with this outcome. They fought a good fight, but it’s over. Now they can turn their attention to lingering concerns about zoning laws. I expect there are many issues a large majority of us will agree on. And “Thank You” to those on the Town Council willing to work on our behalf.


  3. Thanks for your careful description of the situation. Your last two sentences say what I have thought on more than one occasion over the last few months.


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