Overview of the Four Major Capital Projects and the Financing Plan

The most important resources are marked with ***

The Town Council (installed in December, 2018) heard the first presentation of the need for four major capital projects on February 11, 2019, beginning at minute 14 of this video.

Council first heard about financial models at its meeting of February 25, 2019: you can watch the first 55 minutes of the meeting video.

The Amherst Town Council, Amherst School Committee, and Jones Library jointly held four professionally-led public listening sessions regarding the capital projects in December, 2019.   ***Residents were asked to watch an introductory video. You can also view the slides appearing in the introductory video, or read the report of the listening sessions.

Here is a spreadsheet-based simulation tool from 2019 that allows users to modify variables affecting project costs and timelines, producing charts of debt over time and impact on property taxes. (It is an illustrative model and does not contain all the variables that will affect the eventual true costs.)

The Town’s Finance Director presented an updated plan for funding the four major capital projects in February, 2021. You can watch the video of the presentation to the Finance Committee (30 minutes, beginning at minute 8), or ***view the slides from the presentation. Finally, you can read the minutes of the discussion.

This Town website contains pages with links for each of the four projects.

***You can ask questions about the projects using the Engage Amherst platform.