Comment policy

The editors welcome comments on blog posts that are respectful, truthful, and offered in good faith. Commenters must supply their first and last names, their town of residence, and an email address (email addresses will not be displayed).  We reserve the right to reject or edit comments for reasons such as factual inaccuracy, personal attacks, speculation about motives, and length.

The Amherst Current will not be endorsing any candidates in the Nov. 2 election. Now, we are extending that policy of not favoring any candidates to the comments section of the blog.

From October 15 until the election:

  • We will accept respectful comments that criticize or commend positions that candidates have taken, but we will reject comments that include personal attacks, innuendo, hearsay, speculation about motives and gratuitous insults. Amherst people don’t like negative campaigning, and we won’t tolerate it.
  • All comments must directly pertain to the blog post they are attached to. Please do not send us comments that are unrelated to the subject under discussion.