About us

Nick Grabbe has lived in Amherst for 37 years. He was the managing editor of the Valley Advocate and Worcester Magazine in the late 1970s, then was an Amherst-based editor and writer for the Bulletin and Gazette for 32 years. In retirement, he founded a blog on simple living and his low-carbon lifestyle called Adventures in the Good Life. He was elected to the Charter Commission, and with Mandi Jo Hanneke coordinated a blog called A Better Amherst about the new form of government. In 2021 he published a memoir called “Print and Privilege” (Off the Common Books).

Sarah Marshall has lived in Amherst for 10 years. Before coming to Amherst, she was a scientist at an environmental consulting company in the Boston area for many years.  In Amherst, she serves on the Recreation Commission and the Community Preservation Act Committee, and has served on other short-term committees including the North Common Working Group and the Middle School Grade-Span Advisory Committee.  She worked to pass the charter and is an active member of Amherst Forward.