3 thoughts on “Candidates air views at forum”

  1. The library project is expensive, but necessary. It would be fiscally and morally irresponsible to turn back the state grant, and thereby delay any substantial positive changes at the Jones for another decade.

    The Jones is a well thought out renovation and expansion that makes the library better for more people for a very long time to come.

    Furthermore, the cost is well within the norms for library construction throughout the commonwealth.

    [Editors: Matt Blumenfeld is a 25+-year resident of Amherst. His firm, Financial Development Agency, Inc. has worked on more than 25 library projects throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. FDA is working on the capital campaign for the Jones Library.]


  2. Ms. Cage refers to the Library Plan as a “vanity project”. I’d like to see more exploration of what she means by that. And, she believes that rejecting $14 million in state income tax and sales tax revenues for the Town is fiscally irresponsible. All of this needs to be explored in greater depth by forum moderators who know the facts. Are we going to get that….at any point this month?


    1. I intended no slight to Ms. Brewer, who clearly has a long-standing command of town matters. But a format that allows no follow-up questions to particularly interesting utterances of candidates does not serve the voters especially well.


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