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  1. I appreciate the Amherst Current’s prompt reporting of the League of Women Voters’ Candidate forum on Sunday, October 10th. As a candidate for Town Council and a participant in the District 3 forum, I’d like to make a clarification, for the record, in the reporting on responses to question #6. An important omission was made in the reporting of the discussion of Footnote m – an omission that entirely changes the complexion of what was being discussed.

    I made a statement about the need to keep Footnote m in the Dimensional Regulations Table, as its removal has significant adverse ramifications for residents of RG (General Residence) neighborhoods, increasing density to 9 residential units per acre. The article states: “Ryan said that footnote M is a red herring and a revision will not happen because councilors did not like it.”

    What the article neglected to include is that, following Councilor Ryan’s statement that removing Footnote m is no longer being considered, Councilor Dorothy Pam clarified that, just a couple of weeks ago, Councilor Ross told her that it was not off the table. When it was my turn to respond to the following question, I took a few seconds to return to the Footnote m exchange, and pointed out that, just before adjourning an August Community Resources Committee (CRC) meeting (8/24/21), Committee Chair, Mandi Jo Hanneke, stated that, time permitting this calendar year, she’d like to revisit removing Footnote m. I should also note that Footnote m came up again at the September 28th CRC meeting.

    Residents of the RG districts would like nothing more than to be assured that Footnote m will remain, as is, in the Dimensional Regulations Table. Unfortunately for us, mention of its removal has not gone away, so we don’t feel reassured that the matter has been laid to rest.


  2. Ms. Taub is quoted as saying that “no one moved to Amherst to live in a densely populated area.” I guess that implies a demand on living space that the Council should respect in all parts of town, in all districts of town. Perhaps that statement by Ms. Taub was pulled out of context, but, if not, there’s plenty of room for discussion there. I understand the political motivation for it, especially in District 3, but the long-term wisdom of it and its implications for the entire town are up for grabs.


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