One thought on “Unopposed candidates speak up”

  1. I know everyone is super busy, but I implore you to watch the full video of this LWV program (soon to be uploaded here: *before* you vote in the contested races for at-Large and Districts 3 and 4 — because these are 6 of the 13 Town Councilors you’re electing 7 others to join on January 3.

    The details of what these 6/13 said Sunday afternoon should inform the kind of approach you want your Town Council to take come January. How do the candidates running at-Large and in Districts 3 & 4 approach their work? How do they listen? How do they *act* on what they know and on what they learn?

    Is simply always being the no vote on a 12-1 or 9-4 really fully serving any part of our community? What matters more — what your Town Councilors say, or what they are able to work with their colleagues to do?


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