6 thoughts on “Please stop whining”

  1. It bears repeating: take responsibility for your own public participation. And we really have to stop making excuses for people who don’t.


  2. Thank you, Sarah!!! Time to move on, collaborate, and respect each other—especially our elected officials. And yes, please, if you feel strongly about an issue, participate from the beginning. Don’t come in last minute to whine about the fact that you weren’t consulted. Take responsibility and accept that democracy works, unless you’re a disgruntled almost-former Town Councilor (or Trump, of course) who used the local paper as her platform to spread misinformation and then continued to attack public officials! Your kids and grandkids are watching your behavior—set the right example so you can raise upstanding, compassionate citizens! And please thank your Town Hall officials—they are working their butts off for us!


  3. One might also observe that when efforts to change the town meeting form of government failed in the Charter vote of 2003 — by 13 votes out of 6000 cast! — the losers were most assuredly not happy. But after an (amicable) recount, they went forward and tried to make the existing form work as well as possible, serving on town meeting and town committees, running for select board, etc. I do not recall a single instance of the “losers” questioning the legitimacy of a system that had barely squeaked by.

    The problem arises, perhaps, when competing political viewpoints are assigned differential moral virtue. It’s always tempting, but in my experience rarely justified.


  4. Go, Sarah. I agree. To (I hope accurately) quote the late, great Barbara Jordan, congressional rep from Texas: “Government is too important to be a spectator sport.”


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