2 thoughts on ““I do not like that man. I must get to know him better””

  1. Intriguing and worth trying. And it wouldn’t take a trip back to Lincoln’s time but maybe just 15-20 years, when we listened to one another and felt that others were interested in listening to us. As in marriage counseling, it takes courage, vulnerability and trust.

    One tactic that’s useful when hearing a perspective that you don’t immediately accept is to “corroborate, not confront.” Ask honest questions that aim to reveal the proof supporting the other’s position, and truly consider what you’re hearing. All it requires is to begin in good faith.

    I like the notion you’ve proposed. Wonder what format and setting would be most conducive to success, and most accessible to a wide group who can participate as audience as they get comfortable with joining similar conversations.

    Rob, your idea is so crazy it just might work … even in Amherst!

    Tom Porter


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