3 thoughts on “Too big? Too expensive? Don’t panic!”

  1. A new school has to last for fifty years, who of us plans to be around for that? And it will be paid for by the people who use it, over the next thirty years.

    If you want to complain about something, how about the reality of the situation. Like Amherst has two of the worst school buildings in the state (how the MSBA determined our eligibility).

    I suggest ignoring the ‘No’ folks. Make it about Yes.

    Kevin Collins

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  2. “For the 575-student alternative, four options will be studied”
    Are those options shown anywhere? I can’t find them here: https://www.amherst-school-project.com/ Thanks.
    750 (2×375) was the size that the the 2-6 school was going to be in the 2016 plan. I had hoped the 2-6 new school with Croker a PreK-1 early learning school (the 2016 plan) was one of the options, but I guess not. Bummer, that was such a great plan.


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