Editors’ note #9: Greeney back on ballot, gets prime positioning

Robert Greeney has rescinded his withdrawal of candidacy for an at-large seat on the Town Council, and so his name will appear on the ballot on Election Day Nov. 2 after all.

Greeney filed the required number of signatures with the town clerk on Sept. 13, but withdrew his name from the ballot on Sept. 27. On Sept. 29, the day before the deadline, he rescinded that withdrawal.

Town Clerk Susan Audette said she checked with town counsel to make sure that, despite the unusual circumstances, it was legal to include Greeney’s name on the ballot

Greeney was a candidate for an at-large seat in the first Town Council election three years ago. He came in last of the six candidates, receiving 1,982 votes. The three candidates who were elected to at-large seats received more than 4,000 votes each.

When Audette drew lots for ballot position on Friday, Greeney’s name was the first one drawn. So his name will be the first one voters see on Nov. 2.

— Nick Grabbe

Editor’s Note

Sarah Marshall, my partner on this blog, has taken out nomination papers for the post of Elector under the Oliver Smith Will, which will be on the ballot in the Nov. 2 election. I have concluded that it is not a conflict of interest for her to seek to serve the town in this capacity and still work with me on this blog, since the Oliver Smith Will does not involve issues that pertain to Town politics. Still, in our coverage of the upcoming election, we will avoid any mention of the Oliver Smith Will position.

— Nick Grabbe