10 thoughts on “Councilor defends 4 colleagues after recent attacks”

  1. Thank you all for reading and for all the different ways you engage and contribute to our town! I’ve already reached out to one person who thinks differently from me to get to know her. I hope you will also look out for an opportunity to meet with someone you disagree and get to know them 🙂


  2. I want to thank Shalini for providing some remedies to achieve decorum once again in our local politics . . . we’ve seen things disintegrate on a national level, and it’s concerning that this same approach has been rearing its ugly head in Amherst. What we’ve seen hurled against TC members seeking re-election is unacceptable. Each of the TC members has been working hard to serve their community.

    And Shalini, thank you for pursuing a 2nd term – your presence on TC for District 5 is much appreciated and gives me hope that TC can continue its mission successfully.


  3. At some point, we in town have conflated the willingness to serve with the seizing of power. And, as has been suggested elsewhere on this blog, that confusion, willful or otherwise, is starting to choke off the flow of citizens into our boards and committees. Thank you to one of my district council members for speaking up and trying to capture her experience working with her colleagues. And “colleagues,” despite the need for intellectual independence throughout the Council, should be the operative word.


  4. Excellent article, Shalini! I’m so glad you are my district rep on Town Council. Thank you, and all of the councilors, for your dedication and hard work on behalf of Amherst residents. We are very fortunate to have such hard working, knowledgeable, thoughtful and compassionate leaders!


  5. This is a thoughtful, positive perspective. Thank you for taking the time to write this post! There is far too much negativity going around. I hope many of us will take this message to heart. We are all fortunate to have so many good-hearted, generous neighbors willing to devote their time and energy to help manage our town. Thanks to all who are serving on the Council and the many town committees. It is harder to build something worthwhile than it is to tear things down.


  6. Great message about reaching out, being civil and compassionate. Your willingness to do this as a town leader, who may not always agree with fellow Council members, is essential for good government and an example for all of us. Thank you.


  7. Shalini,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am grateful that you are willing to continue to represent district 5!

    Joyce Hatch


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