2 thoughts on “Where is the Big Money? The campaign finance story, part 3”

  1. It is also interesting that almost 1/3 of contributions to Ms. Cage ($2,530) have come from donors whose addresses are not in Amherst.


  2. It will be interesting and telling to see how the electorate responds to Ms. Cage, who has raised more $ than any other candidate. On the one hand, she has received more unique donations than any other candidate, as well as the largest donations, which speaks to her claim that she is speaking for a large constituency. On the other hand, she has used tactics that many find controversial and distasteful to raise funds and stir up interest/controversy in and around her candidacy. I will not be voting for Ms. Cage because she is against the Jones Library project and I don’t find her reasons against the project to be credible or worthy of a town counselor. Nonetheless, she has tapped into something real, and her fundamental message, that a large part of our community feel unsafe and unheard and unrepresented, is one of the defining elements of the day. I will say that I think most of the current slate of candidates are equally committed to the social justice issues that Ms. Cage espoused, but do not seek to be as antagonistic in their rhetoric.


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