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  1. Terry Johnson forwarded this statement from Christina Platt, treasurer of the Vote No committee: “No expenditures from any other source were rolled over into the “Vote No – Start Over Smart” campaign. That would be illegal! I mislabeled an expense and will amend the filing.”


  2. Dear Amherst Current,
    This is your second story asking about “Where is the Big Money” in the present campaigning by the two Amherst PACs and the groups formed for and against the new library. One your first story, one person commented that there wasn’t much to see, and the financial disclosure forms show there isn’t much Big Money directly supporting the PACs. I agree, and thought the same about this story on the “Vote Yes” and “Vote No” committees. The data show that the Yes group raised 2.6 times as much as the No group over the reporting period and spent 4.8 times as much as the No group. Neither group had huge expenses or revenues.

    This article asks about the legitimacy of some of the No group’s expenses. It’s an interesting question, but we’re also not talking about much money there either. Of the No group’s $1,564 in expenditures, $632 were for lawn signs and brochures, leaving just $933 remaining. I’m not an expert on campaign finances and the law of what are allowed expenses and what are not, but some of the questioned expenses – such as affidavits related to the citizen petition — seem related to the ballot question to me; maybe one of the No volunteers thought they were. And again, the expenses in question don’t amount to much, less than $1,000 total. I do wonder how much news/blog coverage this issue should have.


  3. Sarah, I assume you’ve seen the original email from Darcy Dumont? It was addressed to people who signed the moratorium petition. I wonder, also, if they rolled past expenses into this effort….

    On Fri, Oct 29, 2021 at 2:01 PM THE AMHERST CURRENT wrote:

    > The Amherst Current posted: ” By Sarah Marshall Today I look at the > 8th-day-preceding reports of the two ballot questions committee, Vote No – > Start Over Smart, and Vote Yes for Our Library. Unlike for PACs or > candidate committees, there is no limit to the amount of money that can” >


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