3 thoughts on “The Big Money: 2021 wraps up”

  1. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought the post might be about the town budget or other substantial expenditures in Amherst (for FY2022, Amherst’s combined operating and capital improvement budget is $85+ million), not about the modest total donations and spending on local campaign issues and candidates. Thank you for documenting that expensive, “Big Money” political campaigns are fortunately not a big thing in Amherst yet. Based on the numbers you provided, the combined Vote No and Vote Yes campaigns for the library ballot question received a combined total of $18,383 donations, and spent $16,526. The PCA PAC received a total of $4,356 in donations; the post doesn’t report the total donations received by Amherst Forward. For the Council election candidates in races with more candidates than councilor slots, only 1 candidate received more than $5,000 in donations, and that candidate lost. The total reported donations averaged $2,993 for the three District 3 candidates, $2,311 for the three District 4 candidates, and $3,128 for the six at-large candidates.


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