Elementary school building project

The project website, launched in December, 2021, is here. The Elementary School Building Committee also posts information on its website.

For a quick introduction to the current effort, read this 1-page document, issued in November, 2019.

Recent events and resources:

The Preliminary Design Program document, submitted to MSBA is March, 2022, can be viewed or downloaded here. It is enormous!

Draft education plan and space summary docs, and Designer presentation to the School Committee on 2/22: http://go.boarddocs.com/ma/arps/Board.nsf/goto?open…

Video of detailed answers on the educational plan and space needs from the 2/22 School Committee meeting, from the Superintendent, Designer, and ARPS special education Directors: (45:16+): https://youtu.be/qV0N4J9UCgo?t=2716

Video of DiNisco Design’s presentation to the School Committee on 2/8 about the education plan, including discussion and Q&A on space needs and the meaning of MSBA guidance numbers at this stage (starts at 40:56): https://youtu.be/Uz-UobrEM8g?t=2456

Older information:

Information regarding the current effort to apply for MSBA funds to renovate or rebuild one or more elementary schools (Wildwood and/or Fort River) can be found here.

***View the slides accompanying the Superintendent’s proposal for a new MSBA application (presented to Town Council, January, 2019).

The school committee held public listening sessions, Jan-Mar, 2019. Here is the consultant’s report.

The Town Council approved new Statements of Interest (SOIs) in April of 2019 for submission to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA).

The MSBA notified the Town of its decision in December, 2019. ***See the Superintendent’s presentation to Town Council from January 2020, explaining the MSBA’s decision and what will occur next, or read a text version of the steps to be undertaken.

***An update to Town Council regarding the options to be studied: https://www.amherstma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/54561/2021-01-21-Elementary-School-Building-Committee-Report-to-Town-Council